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Welcome to our first blog/discussion. We would love you to get involved and respond to what you read on our pages. You can reply or discuss at info@countryside-pursuits.com
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Introduction to GunLog
GunLog is the brainwave of Paul Webb. The idea was born out of poor representation of the shooting Industry and its customers as well as gaps in gun safety, legislation, and control. Put simply, as a gun owner, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. As a result, when an incident occurs, we get knee jerk reactions from Government without consultation with Gun Owners.
By Paul on Fri, 18 of Feb 2022
Circa 1860 Henry W.Egg 12 gauge Hammer gun
Gun Handling
Safe Handling of Your Air Weapon
In the wrong hands, an Air Weapon can cause serious injury or even kill. Follow the common sense rules below to reduce the risk of an accident.
By Paul on Wed, 02 of Feb 2022
Paul​ Webb​
Gun Laws
Air weapon law and guidelines
Welcome to our second Blog/Discussion. Today we will look at Legislation and Safety around Air Weapons. My intention is to clarify and attempt to simplify some of the terms used in the Legislation.
By admin on Wed, 02 of Feb 2022
Gun Laws
Help Encourage Responsible Ownership
As Gun Owners and indeed the business of selling Guns, we are constantly under scrutiny by the Public and Government alike. Whenever there is an incident Involving Firearms of any kind, there follows discussion around changes to gun laws and the need for more restrictions to be placed upon us.
By Paul on Tue, 28 of Dec 2021